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No such thing as bright days - sonet af Natalie Sinno

No such thing as bright days - Natalie Sinno 3.c


Blood splatter, empty souls, thirsty hands 

Bloody bodies on the streets with no face

Young poor kids with no such thing as lifespans 

Ignored from the world around us, we’re erased 


A fallen pitiful country, no pride

Death and gunpowder for lunch and dinner 

Our deaths played of as assisted suicide 

The bones on our bodies getting thinner 


No one to call or scream for, just no sound

Only the big great bombs killing my child

I live in a bombed and used up playhouse 

The only stores I know are humans piled 


What is a beautiful big world again?   

The world I know is filled with bloodstains



Ugens citat-Uge 43

Ugens citat-Uge 43

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